Elna Press 150


The compact version to appreciate the advantages of press ironing. Suitable for patchwork and other creative activities. Discover a new way to iron Elnapress invented the first iron press in 1972 and it’s had more than 45 years of experience and success all over the world.

Elnapress is an iron press that takes full advantage of the power of Natural Vapor and materials like Finnish birch and Swedish pine. Thanks to its heating plate and automatic pressure, you can iron every kind of fabric and garment with extraordinary results and a minimum of effort.

In just a few seconds, your clothing will be ironed and ready to go. It’s practical and quick you can iron sitting down and you don’t need a dedicated workstation. You can quickly iron several layers of garments, saving time and energy. It takes up very little space and stows away like a small suitcase.

It’s safe and solid Elnapress is made with the highest quality materials and equipped with automatic safety systems. Each press is subjected to three levels of compliance control.

- Peraluman heating shoe
- Ironing board: 11 layer of Finnisch birch wood and Swedish pine
- Mechanical temperature control
- Manual temperature adjustment

Technical Specification:
- Power consumption: 1000W/230V
- Average consumption: 600-800 W
- Voltage: 220-240V
- Ironing board dimensions: 62 x 25 cm
- Height of the base: 10 cm
- Total dimensions: 65 x 54 1/2 x 21 1/2 cm
- Weight: 10,5 kg
- Mini pressure: 33Kg
- Total pressure: circa 50 kg
- 2 reinforced ceramic structures to guarantee solidity and reduced consumption
- Mechanical temperature control
- Security systems: 3