Elna 864

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Breath freely, threading an overlocker has never been so easy!
The eXtend 864air to offer you a totally smooth overlocking experience. This superior model features both exceptional capabilities and solutions for super-easy threading. You can relax, start your project in no time and fully enjoy all the benefits of an overlocker.

Threading an overlocker can be daunting for users who are not familiar with specialized models of this kind. With the air-threading system of the elna eXtend 864air, threading your machine becomes effortless: as light as the air that pushes the threads through the lower and upper loopers. For additional comfort, we have added a built-in needle-threader. That’s all you need for tangle-free overlocking.

Its unique 8-piece feed dog system ensures smooth feeding of hard-to-work and slippery fabrics. Combined with the adjustable diff erential feed, this feature provides expanded fabric capability with unparalleled stitch quality. You will be impressed by the eXtend 864air’s stable and noiseless operation even at high speed, not to mention the easy and precise adjustment of key settings.

The new air threading system makes it effortless to thread your machine. You can thread both the upper and lower looper by just inserting the thread into each port and pressing the threading lever : a blow of air pushes the thread through the looper and you’re done.

A handy built-in needle-threader puts an end to fiddly threading and you can quickly get started or change threads as you sew. Simply slide the lever of the needle threader down and easily thread the right and left needle.

The higher number of pieces in the feed dog of the elna eXtend 864air compared to other models ensures perfect and smooth feeding of all sorts of fabric, from lightweight to thick, as well as jersey and other stretch knit fabrics.

You can adjust the pressure of the presser foot to the type of fabric that you are sewing. The possibility of selecting five different levels enables you to handle a wide range of materials without any problem. For normal sewing you can simply dial ‘N’.

Standard Accessories:
- Accessory box,
- needle set,
- needle holder,
- lint brush,
- oil tube,
- spool cap (large),
- nets,
- screwdriver large and small,
- spare upper blade,
- double-ended wrench,
- tweezers,
- looper threading wire,
- waste tray,
- foot controller
- and dust cover.
- Machine size - W347 × H299 × D284 mm
- Machine weight - 7.9 kg
- Bed type - Flat-bed
- Color-coded threading routes
- Clip-on presser foot system
- Instant rolled hem device
- Presser foot height - 5.5 mm
- Thread tension control - Manual
- Upper looper threader / Lower looper threader - One push blast air threading system (manual)
- Lighting - 1 built-in white LED lamp in 1 location
- Safety device - Looper cover / Side cover / Presser foot lifter
- Number of spool pins - 4

- 4-thread programs - overlock, stretch knit, decorative overedging, gathering
- 3-thread programs - overlock regular and wide, rolled hem, narrow hem, picot hem, flatlock, pintuck
- 2-thread programs - flatlock, rolled hem

- Number of threads - 2/3/4 threads
- Number of needles - 1/2 needles
- Built-in needle-threader
- Standard stitch length - 1 to 5 mm
- Adjustable differential feed - 0.5 to 2mm
- Upper knife opening - 10 mm
- Adjustable cutting width using left needle not using left needle - 5.5 to 7.5 mm / 3.3 to 5.3 mm
- Maximum speed - 1'300 spm