Elna 664-664PRO


Discover the overlock in a simplified utilization easier than you thought. With the Elna 664 - professional or normal version - you will find your best ally! This overlocker allows you neatly cutting, hemming and sewing in no time. Avoiding loose threads. Assembling synthetic materials difficult to work with becomes as easy as assembling extensible, light or thick fabrics. Because the overlocker, often used in conjunction with a traditional sewing machine, isn’t just there for the finishing touches. It’s also there to help you cut and assemble garments too.

Control Window - No need to open the machine to adjust the cutting width. A glance at the control window it’s enough. (PRO Only)
Colour-Coded Threading Routes - Indicate you the thread-path to prepare your machine properly
Easy Stitch Length Setting - A friendly machine to use. Stitch length easily settled.
Small Tool Box - integrated in the front flap of the machine offers you what you need at hand.
Accessory Box - Elna’s designed accessory box, offers you the essential accessories which makes life easier (664 only).
Differential Feed - A friendly machine to use. Stitch length and differential feed and pre-tension all the settings are easy to see, easy to access.
Waste Tray - Helps keep your sewing area tidy-it catches those loose scraps and trimmed threads.
Program Display - That’s also a user guide. To set up your machine step-by-step without forgetting a thing. (PRO Only)
Four-Thread Seams - Four-thread super- strength seams let you work with any fabric even the stretchiest
Ingenious - Standard or ornamental stitches, this machine will surprise you! To use functionally or decoratively on jersey, silk, gauze, sponge or Lycra®.
Perfect Finish - Realize hems, stitch along curves or get an elastic seam with perfect results.

Technical Features:
- Built-in program reference panel (PRO)
- Automatic tension release (PRO)
- Built-in 2-thread converter (PRO)
- Tilting needle clamp (PRO)
- Instant rolled hem device
- Self-threading lower looper
- Front cover safety system (PRO)
- Maximum speed of 1300 stitch pro min.
- Adjustable differential feed 0.5 to 2.25 mm
- Stitching length setting 1.0 to 5.0 mm
- Adjustable cutting width 3.0 to 7.0 mm
- Pre-tension slider (3/4 - 2 thread) (PRO)
- Colour-coded threading routes
- Cutting blade
- Adjustable foot pressure
- Snap-on presser feet
- Telescopic thread antenna system

Accessories Included:
- Electronic foot control (PRO)
- Built-in storage compartment (PRO)
- Exclusive Elna accessory box (664)
- Waste tray included (PRO)
- Dust cover

Stitch Program:
- 4-thread programs: safety, stretch knit, gathering, stretch wrapped (664Pro).
- 3-thread programs: thread wide, overlock, narrow hem, rolled hem.
- 2-thread programs (only for 664Pro): rolled hem, overcast, flatlock.