Cylinder Arm, Single Needle Lockstitch machine


The cylinder arm, single needle lockstitch machine with a dual feed, walking foot. It is designed with a 1.4 times larger hook & base.
With its main feature being the triple feeding action by way of bottom feed, needle bar feed and walking foot top feed, which combine together to produce high quality seams.
The versatile narrow cylinder free-arm design guarantees improved material handling on three dimensional items like bags, gloves, shoes, straps, filters and other such items which cannot be sewn on a standard flat bed machine.
- Max Sewing Speed:  2,000 Stitches per Minut
- Max Stitch Length:  6 mm
- Presser Foot Lift:  13 mm by Knee, 6.5 mm by Hand
- Needle Type (Recommended Sizes):  DP x 17 (#18 to #24)
- Rotating Hook:  LARGE Hook