Zigzag Sewing Machine for Extreme Materials KS-366-32

Zigzag Sewing Machine for Extreme Materials

This is the latest machine in the Kingstar product range, suitable for working thick fabric. It is a long-arm zigzag sewing, perfect machine for extremely thick materials. The spacious sewing area is suitable for easily sewing large objects. In addition, more stable and stronger feeding power is guaranteed with the revised mechanisms for the purpose of sewing multilayer thick materials. At the same time, the stitch of the machine is accurate and beautiful. Added is the large shuttle hook and bobbin to hold more thread with better sewing efficiency. Suitable for making tents, sails, leather, seat cushions, sofas, suitcases and edge seams.

Model: KS-366-32
Highest Rotating Speed: 700 rp.m
Maximum Stitch Length: 10mm
Maximum Stitch Width: 12mm
Zigzag seaming mode: 2 points, 3 points and 4 points
Needle Bar Stroke: 50.8mm
Take-up-level Stroke: 106.8mm
Needle: DΥx3 26#
Lifting Height of Presser: 20mm
Lubrication Mode: Manual oiling
Motor: 550w