Some History

Humble beginnings

We started in 1987 in the then called Trip Arcade. 

From there we moved to Independence Avenue which offered much bigger shop space.  Parking became a problem and we moved to Eros Shopping Centre. 

After 16 years, Piekfyn grew too fast, causing us to move to the old Power Station Centre. 

In 2016, we made two changes to our business, the first change was the computer point of sale system.The selling of products over the counter were made much easier and more accurate.

Moving on....

The secondly this website - well, the updated version. News, new products and online ordering. Simply easier! 
Under the products tab, there are different categories, making it easier to search for a specific item.  
We sell two brands household sewing machines, Elna and Singer. An industrial range is added to those, branded Gemsy and Kingstar. Because of the large range, we keep only limited stock, but we order on demand, and supply with-in 5-14 working days. 

On 1 April 2019, we moved our shop to a street level location with lots of parking, right in front of the door. We are in Daimler street, Union Tiles Building, Shop 3.